Pre-built Library

Apart from the usual elements in the Elements Panel, Droip also has a Pre-Built Library with a collection of more advanced pre-defined Elements and Sections

To access them, head over to the Pre-built Library which you can access from the Elements tab on the Topbar.


Below is a list of all of the Pre-Built Elements that you can use and the options available for each category.


As you know, buttons play a significant role on a webpage such as letting users submit a form, functioning as CTAs for users to take that last step, helping users maneuver the website, and more. 

For that reason, sometimes you may need a bit more functionality from a button that a basic one can’t provide. So, here are a few advanced alternatives for the Button Element. Options include:

  • Button Fill: Button filled with a solid background.
  • Button Outline: Button with only an outline and no background fill.
  • Button Split: Button split into an action button and a dropdown toggle.
  • Button Icon: Button with no text and only an icon.
  • Button With Icon: Button with text and icon.
  • Button Action: Button with text and icon but no background fill or outline.
  • Button Link: Button with only link text.


Use Checkboxes to take multiple inputs from a list of options. Do note that you must add this element inside a Form element for it to appear.


Use Radio buttons to take single input from a list of options. Do note that you must add this element inside a Form element for it to appear.


Ratings are a way for users to rank a product or service based on their experience to provide information for others to see. Incorporating a Rating and Review system is a great idea if you need to boost credibility.

Listed below are the variations of the Rating element offered that you can choose from!

  • Rating Stars
  • Rating Half-Stars
  • Rating Octagones
  • Rating Half-Octagones
  • Rating Emoji

Search Boxes

Search is another must-have element that you may need to include as helps users easily find what they’re looking for. Here we have 3 different styles of Search options:

  • Search Box: Simple Search Box.
  • Search with Button: Search Box with an icon button.
  • Search Underlined: Search Box in an outline style.


A Stepper is a nifty input control that can be used to input numbers. This control consists of two parts – one button to increment and one to decrement the value along with its preview. Below is a list of the Stepper styles available:

  • Stepper Basic: Value is displayed on the left and increment and decrement buttons are stacked up on the right.
  • Stepper Horizontal: Buttons on either side with the value displayed in the middle. 
  • Stepper Vertical: Buttons on the top and bottom with the value displayed in the middle.

Text Fields

Text Fields are a classic input control that you’ll need for any form. Here you’ll find a few more advanced versions of the element to further enhance your webpage.

  • Text Field Basic: A basic Text Field you can use in any form for data input.
  • Text Field with Adjusting Height: With this Text Field, if there is more content than there is space for, automatically more space will be added vertically but with a scroll so the real height of the element remains unchanged.

Detail List

The Detail List Element is basically a pre-made data table and is the perfect choice for displaying a lot of information in a neat and simple way. Styles available are the following:

  • Detail List One: Simple and neat styled table.
  • Detail List Two: Table with grid lines.
  • Detail List Three: Table with alternating colored rows.


The Tab Pre-Built Element offers you a few more variations on your usual Tab element like the following:

  • Tab One: Tab with Tab Menu on top of the Tab Pane.
  • Tab Two: Tab with Tab Menu on the bottom of the Tab Pane.
  • Tab Three: Tab with Tab Menu on the left of the Tab Pane.
  • Tab Four: Tab with Tab Menu on the right of the Tab Pane.

Teaching Bubble

A Teaching Bubble is a kind of tooltip element that consists of a button and a speech bubble. Within that speech bubble is a heading, text description, and a pair of Yes and No buttons.

Clicking on the button should make the bubble appear and clicking on the Yes/No buttons should make the bubble disappear.

Options include:

  • Teaching Bubble Left: Teaching Bubble with a button on the left and bubble on the right.
  • Teaching Bubble Top: Teaching Bubble with button at the top and bubble below.


Callouts are similar to Teaching Bubbles but the Yes and No buttons are instead replaced with a Link. Clicking on the button will make the bubble appear and clicking on it again should make it disappear.


A Dialogue box is a pop-up like element with a message and two CTA options.


You can create custom Pop-ups using our Pop-up Builder but also use the following templates to speed up the design process. Options include:

  • Modal With X Button
  • Modal Sign In
  • Modal Newsletter
  • Modal Success Message


Tooltips are helpful messages for users that should appear on Hover. For this, we have the following variations:

  • Tooltip Top
  • Tooltip Bottom
  • Tooltip Left
  • Tooltip Right


Alerts are warning message templates and available are the following types:

  • Alert: Simple Alert message.
  • Alert with CTA: Alert message with Call to Action Buttons.

Avatar Group

An Avatar Group is basically a grouping of User Avatars and you can choose between the following styles:

  • Avatar Group Circle: Avatar Group with circular images.
  • Avatar Group Square: Avatar Group with square images.


Cards are a great way to display a group of related content on a page. You can use these on a feature list page, a product archive page, and more.

  • Card Basic: Basic Card with a heading and a description text.
  • Card Button: Card with a heading, description, and a call to action button.
  • Card Icon: Card with a heading, description, icon, and a call to action button. 
  • Card Image Button: Card with a heading, description, image, and a call to action button.


Notifications are small dialog boxes that can be used to notify users about something.

  • Notification Inline: Consists of a heading and a button all arranged inline.
  • Notification Text: Consists of a heading and some text with an x icon on the top-right.


Sections of Droip

Next up we have Pre-Built Sections which you can access by clicking on its icon on the from the Pre-built Library.

Here, you’ll find a plethora of ready-made sections that you can use to speed up your design process and you can also fully customize them to match your preferences using the settings in the Style Panel.

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