Upload Custom Fonts

Being able to use a range of different fonts is a must when it comes to web page design and uploading custom fonts further adds to that. So to access the Upload Custom Fonts option, simply click on the tribar icon located on the top bar. 


Here, you will find the following three tabs:

1. Add Google Fonts

In this tab, you can conveniently select the desired Google Fonts to incorporate into your project. Google Fonts offers an open-source font library, granting you the freedom to utilize these fonts for your website, branding (including logos), and more.

2. Installed Fonts

The Installed Fonts tab displays a comprehensive list of all the fonts you have installed. If necessary, you can easily remove any fonts by clicking the Remove button located at the bottom-right corner.

3. Upload Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts uploading process

This tab allows you to effortlessly upload and utilize your custom fonts within your projects on Droip.

How to Upload Custom Fonts

Follow the outlined steps below to upload and integrate your custom fonts into your webpage:

  1. Navigate to the Topbar Menu and select Upload Custom Fonts, then click on the third tab titled Upload Custom Fonts.
  2. You will find a link to the Font Squirrel Webfont Generator on the right-hand side. Click on it to proceed.
  3. On the Font Squirrel Webfont Generator page, upload your .OTF or .TTF file. You have the option to choose between Basic or Optimal settings. For advanced users, there are Expert settings available.
  4. Verify that you have the legal rights to use the font for web embedding by ticking the checkbox confirming eligibility.
  5. Download the Webfont Kit zip file, and within the Droip platform, upload it by clicking the Upload From Computer button

Using Your Custom Fonts

Using Custom Fonts

To make use of your uploaded custom fonts, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the desired text block element within your project.
  2. Go to Style > Typography.
  3. Under the Font dropdown field, you will find your custom fonts listed alongside the other available fonts.

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