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Boost SERPs ranking and the website traffic by optimizing your SEO using Droip’s native tools

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SEO settings with preview

Define your SEO-related metadata all the while getting to preview what it’ll look like on the SERPs page right from page settings


SEO title tag

Define the SEO title text that will be displayed as a clickable title in any search snippet on the search engine result pages

SEO meta description

Add meta description that will be displayed as part of the search snippet on the search engine result pages

Open graph controls

Setup your open graph details which helps ensure major platforms like Facebook and Twitter better understand your website


Cover image

Upload the image you want to display as part of the card that’ll be created when a page is shared on major platforms

Open graph title

Define an accurate but enticing title to display on the open graph card which users can then click to visit the page shared

Open graph meta description

Add a short description to your open graph card that will give users a brief idea of what the page shared is about

Coming Soon

AI-generated title tags

Pretty soon you can let Droip do the heavy-lifting and optimize SEO faster than ever with the help of AI-generated title tags!


Alt image text

Ensure improved on-page SEO by defining alternate text for all the images on your webpage