Feature requests

Theme builder like divi and menu builder would be helpful
ACF is an important plugin. I think integration with ACF will cover a lot of ground.
Hotspots make a site more interactive and fun, letting visitors discover more with just a hover and/or click. Plus, they're perfect fo
That would be amazing if we have SEO plugin integration. I use it for all website I built, so I prefer using this instead built-in SEO.
This plugin will allow the user to directly copy their static designs made in Figma and paste in Droip pages. The Html and CSS should adjust
I believe that a builder can't be really successful till when it can design all the Woocommerce pages and elements.
Is it possible to get a feature where elements on displayed conditionally, such as making an element visible only on Tuesdays etc?
I think every builder aiming also for pro users needs the option to style using css variables in the builder like in bricks builder
Add a template feature to resources so designers or developers can sell templates.
Light and dark site setting following the settings of the visitors device. With if possible a setting to choose site wide the opposite colou

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