Page Audit

The Audit feature in Droip is symbolized by a triangle exclamation icon. It serves as a powerful tool to automatically assess the accessibility of your website, ensuring that it adheres to specific accessibility standards.

Page audit

The Audit feature checks for the following aspects:

1. Alt Text Missing

The Alt Text Missing check counts how many media elements, such as images or videos, do not have alternate text defined. Hovering over this feature will show you which media elements are missing alternate text. Alt text is important for describing image content for visually impaired users or in case the image fails to load. Additionally, alt text helps improve SEO.

The Link Missing check assesses how many link blocks within your website do not have any links set. Upon hovering over this feature, you will promptly identify the specific link blocks that are missing links. Ensuring all link blocks have valid links is vital for seamless navigation and user experience.

3. Class Name Missing

The Class Name Missing check counts how many elements lack defined class names. Hovering over this feature will display the elements that are missing class names. Incorporating class names aids in organizing your website effectively and simplifies the process of styling elements using CSS.

By utilizing the Audit feature in Droip, you can proactively enhance the accessibility of your website, making it more user-friendly for all visitors.

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