Woocommerce integration and customization

I believe that a builder can't be really successful till when it can design all the Woocommerce pages and elements.
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Ryan Logan
+1 Cannot use Droip until WooCommerce is integrated.
3 Months Ago
Likhon Ahmed
To be honest, I really love Droip. However, the reason I'm still using Elementor as a web designer is because I would love to offer Droip to my clients if it could integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce and provide customization options for designing custom WooCommerce elements. I believe that integrating these features into Droip could revolutionize the WordPress web industry. Therefore, I urge the Droip team to prioritize this matter. As a Bangladeshi familiar with Ollyo and Droip, and knowing that this is a Bangladeshi company-developed product, I really want to see Droip become the top builder in the community. Thank you to Ollyo and the Droip team for creating this amazing builder. I hope future updates will include more animations and integrations.
2 Months Ago

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