How to Convert Figma Design Into WordPress in Just 1 Click for Free

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Imagine if you could convert Figma design into WordPress in just 1 click and that too with no cost and pixel-perfect accuracy?

Well, now that imagination can become your reality using the incredible Figma to Droip conversion tool!

Droip is a powerful no-code website builder for WordPress, making it possible for anyone to construct the website of their dreams.

With the Figma to Droip tool, the platform connects design to visual website building seamlessly, taking countless issues during the transition out of the picture and optimizing the process of publishing websites more than ever.

How to Convert Figma Design Into WordPress

Install, Copy, and Paste. That’s how easy it is to convert Figma design into WordPress with Droip! Take a look at the instructions below to get the full scope:


To get started, you’ll need the following: 


To install the Figma to Droip plugin, do the following:

  1. From Figma, head over to the Resources tab.
  2. Search for Figma to Droip and select it.
  3. Finally, click on Install.

Converting Figma Design into WordPress

Once you’ve installed the Figma to Droip plugin, you’re all set to start converting Figma Designs into WordPress!

STEP 1: Create Your Figma Design

Create your Figma Design and ensure it is well-organized. For best results, use the auto-layout feature! 

STEP 2: Generate and Copy

Generate and Copy Figma Design

Next, using the Figma to Droip plugin, generate and copy your design.

Remember to use the built-in names for certain elements in Figma for easy identification during import.

STEP 3: Paste to Droip

Paste Figma Design To Droip

Then, in Droip, open any project of your choice and paste the copied design into its workspace.

STEP 4: Polish & Publish

Lastly, the Figma to Droip plugin transforms Figma design into HTML elements. So, it’s only a matter of adding interaction, making it responsive, and doing a final review before publishing!

And voila — your Figma design is now converted to a WordPress website, down to pixel-perfect accuracy.

Using the plugin, you can also select specific sections of the design to import into a WordPress website instead of the entire Figma design in one go.

In this way, not only can you efficiently develop your website but also work in parallel with the designers!

Reshaping Design to Development Handoff

Design to Development handoff is a critical process yet fraught with many issues such as:

  • Discrepancies in the final product i.e. the website isn’t pixel-perfect due to gaps in communication between designers and developers.
  • Lack of collaboration between designers and developers.
  • Difficulty in replicating certain parts of the design and finding it time-consuming.
  • Unorganized design assets make the implementation inefficient.
  • Changes in the design cause further delays as developers address those modifications one by one.

The Figma to Droip tool reshapes design to development handoff, eliminating such problems and ultimately revolutionizing how you publish websites. With its help, you can benefit in many ways:

  • Pixel-Perfect Conversion:

Figma design transformed into a WordPress page with pixel-perfect accuracy in just one click.

  • Instantaneous Handoff:

Instant transition from design to development. This means there’s no need to spend hours, days, or even weeks figuring out how to replicate parts of the design, dramatically improving website building efficiency.

  • Improved Collaboration:

Developers and designers get a common ground to collaborate more easily and stay in sync whenever design changes occur.

  • Fewer Distractions:

Because the Figma design gets copied and pasted as it is, developers are free to focus on other important details with fewer distractions.

  • Time-Saving:

The instant handoff and fewer distractions save time and leave developers free to focus on other crucial aspects of the website such as responsiveness, interaction, accessibility, SEO, and more.

Now, launching your website out into the world is as easy as installing the Figma to Droip tool, importing your design, and doing a final review before hitting publish!

Experience Revolutionary Website Building With Droip

And that’s how effortless it is to convert Figma Design into WordPress in just 1 click for free! With the Figma to Droip tool, the no-code website builder continues to revolutionize website building.

So what are you waiting for? Get Droip today and reshape how you transition from design to development for the better!

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